At Perfect House Pvt. Ltd., power generation for our country is all we do. As India is taking giant strides in industrial & economic development, we want to assist this with our cutting edge product development, our network of experienced in house customer support & service team. Perfect believes in singularity of focus & commitment to provide reliable power solutions, which is unmatched in this industry.


No matter what you need back up power for, whether to keep a factory producing or a hospital operating or a ssi running its business, our Perfect Industrial Generators will serve you with back-up power which you will find reliable, consistent & customized.

We offer.

  • Diverse range: Pick from PECH 5/ 7.5, PECH 10, PECH 15, PECH 20, PECH 25, PECH 30/35, to PECH 125
  • Performance-oriented industrial generators: Clients can expect generators with power option of 5.75 KVA and with a fuel tank capacity of 50liters minimum. This is of the PECH 5.75 Model. The clients opting for the PECH 125 can look for gross engine BHP of 160 and fuel tank capacity of 250 liters.
  • Engines from the reputed brand: We take care to use only EICHER, Kohler, Perfect brand of engines to help the industries remain powered up for long.
  • Innovative Products
  • Experienced dealer network

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