• Petrol gear drive power weeder
  • Displacement -212cc,  4- stroke,  air cooled,ohv.
  • 1 sets dry land with 1 sets wet land blade.
  • Agriculture use.

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Introducing the Most Unique Multi-functional Power Weeder Cultivator. This weeder comes with integrated Rotary Weeding and Ditching Unit with dual-mode rotary movement (clockwise & anti-clockwise).

Our Power Weeder is one of the most essential farm equipments. It is quite useful for secondary tillage. These are equipped with rotating blades down below that are designed to cut through the most dense brush and weeds easily. This equipment is most useful to remove weeds and control plant growth at the topsoil. The power weeder cultivator removes the weeds formed at the topsoil near plants and also loosens the surrounding soil for added aeration of the soil. This ensures that the crops receive ample amount of nutrition and fertiliser, which would otherwise be consumed by the weeds surrounding it. Our petrol-powered hand-driven power weeder cultivator is available in two types – with belt-drive or gear-drive system. We also offer an additional pair of blades along with extra wheels with your purchase of our power weeder.

Highlighting Features of Power Weeder

  • Powerful 4.4 KW engine with 6.0 HP output
  • Strong 212 cc petrol-powered engine
  • Maximum 800 rpm rotation speed
  • 2 forward and 1 reverse gears for easy manoeuvring
  • Cultivates 6.5 cm deep and 114 – 125 cm wide into soil
  • Large 3.6 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Cost-efficient operation with 0.9 litre per hour fuel consumption
  • 3 sets of blade with blade disk
  • Belt Drive / Gear Drive options
  • Environmental Friendly & Made in India

Benefits of Power Weeder

Power weeder for paddy is a wonderful tool for agriculture. It not only removes weed thoroughly but also helps to enhance the quality of crops in the field. The power weeder is comparatively lightweight and easy to operate even in paddies and fields.

Why choose to buy Power Weeder?

Our Power Weeder cultivator is designed to make farming easier and more efficient when it comes to cost-savings and time. You can now work faster on the farm to remove weeds and aerate the soiled without having to worry much.

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