Petrol Engines

As a businessperson, you might wish to power up your business well and uninterruptedly. You may have computers, servers, or freezing units working 24/7 and even a load shedding for a few minutes can prove costly. Hence, Perfect Housing has come up with the best solutions of portable petrol generators ensuring our clients get the value for every penny they invest.

Perfect Housing has been around for 40 years and practically seen the evolution of the generators. Our generators are of varying output capacity like 7000W or 8000W. The generators use only reputed brands of engines like EICHER. As leading manufacturers and suppliers of the portable petrol generator in Dubai, we make great efforts in reaching out.

Our R&D Department constantly upgrades in the development and innovation aspects to ensure superlative output. The generators are ideal for providing power on-site since they get a heavy-duty steel frame and durable handles for easy towing.

Moreover, we offer soundproof or silent generators that operate inside the soundproof container. With long-lasting running and load capacity, our petrol generators are low in maintenance and offer a great return on investment.

We understand the importance of your business objective or significant of a personal event. We will never let you down due to power failure.