• Self-priming water pump 2 inch
  • Pump head 24 meter
  • Displacement -212cc, 4- stroke, air cooled, ohv.
  • Agriculture use.

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Perfect House Petrol Water Pumps are integral to ensure lush crops in any climate. This equipment is extremely useful to provide a constant supply of water to crops, especially in arid and dry regions.

Water is extremely essential for farming but is not always readily available. This requires bore-wells to be dug into the farm, if there is a lack of water bodies nearby. In such situations, a petrol water pump comes as a handy solution. This machine is designed to carry water from water sources to the farmland. Tens of thousands of farmers across India rely on water pumps for irrigating their crops and ensuring good quality produce. Additionally, these are petrol-powered which makes them extremely convenient too as many farms across India are devoid of electric connections.

Highlighting Features of Water Pump

  • Significant 4.4 kW (5.9 HP) power rate
  • Superb 212 CC, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV petrol-powered engine
  • Produces an excellent 3600 rpm
  • Sufficient 3.6 Litre fuel tank capacity
  • Equipped with recoil starter for quick start
  • Offers impressive max discharge output at 500 litres/min
  • Comes with ideal 24 m pump-head
  • Environment friendly equipment
  • Made in India

Benefits of Water Pump

Water pump mainly benefits farms by ensuring a constant supply of water to the crops, especially in drought-prone regions. It comes at a significantly lower cost so that even small and marginal farmers can purchase it easily. It offers incredible flexibility at operating. Its simple construction also makes our petrol water pump easy to use or repair apart from being extremely low-maintenance.

Why choose to buy Water Pump?

Petrol water pumps are ideal for agriculture because they are low-cost and thus easily affordable by small-scale farmers too. These machines offer incredible flexibility of work and can handle almost any spraying or irrigation work on farms. Their simple design and robust construction make water pumps extremely efficient and durable too. These are multipurpose tools that can supply water to your crops or can remove water from water-logged paddies and agricultural fields. Choose Perfect House Pvt Ltd Water Pump for easy operation, low-maintenance work.