• Brush cuter  2 stroke with heavy duty engine.
  • Displacement -58.6cc.
  • 20 inch cutter bar.
  • Agriculture use.

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Petrol Chainsaw are incredibly versatile tools and everyone with a garden, lawn and even farm needs one today. The petrol chainsaw allows you to quickly and efficiently trim heavy, dense scrub and brush from trees and ground. A petrol-powered chainsaw cutter is incredibly powerful thanks to the 2-stroke engine. The longer blades of a petrol-powered chainsaw give it an added cutting edge to take down thick, large trees and branches with excellent ease. These are handheld tools and do not require power cords hence making them ultimate in portability.

Highlighting Features of Petrol Chainsaw

  • Strong and powerful 2.3 KW (3.0 Hp) motor
  • Efficient 58 cc engine for quicker cutting
  • Advanced 2-stroke air cooled engine
  • Strong 8500 rpm
  • Large 550 ml fuel tank capacity
  • Fuel efficient at 0.8 litres/hour
  • Long 20-inch bar length
  • Petrol-powered handheld power cutter

Benefits of Chainsaw

The Perfect house chainsaw cutter is an incredibly versatile tool that can cut through thin planks to thick trees with equal ease. These are handheld and extremely portable as they do not require connection with a power source. The petrol-powered small but powerful engine supplies sufficient power to cut through the toughest obstacles. This versatile tool is ideal for cutting down thick trees and branches and even goes smoothly through thick underbrush and bushes.

Why choose to buy Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is truly diverse. It can be used to do creative work, like DIY tasks or at-home projects. The handiness of the chainsaw cutter allows you to carve incredibly detailed shapes from logs. The lightweight model also makes it much more portable and easier to carry around. The chainsaw is petrol-powered but the excellent fuel-consumption rate makes it extremely viable tool for home and farms alike. Our handy chainsaw can also be used in saw mills to shear smaller branches from logs and to clear away bumps from the smooth tree trunk.