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Benefits of Mobile Lighting Towers

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Lighting is the most important resource that ensures a smooth and successful operation. Construction sites, mining areas, road projects, industrial operations and many other works need to be fully functioning round the clock through bright day and pitch darkness. It helps both the company and its consumers swift application and quick delivery.

To ensure on-time work and promised outcome, many companies resort to several innovative methods of lighting to keep the work going 24/7. Since these sites are bound by accidents and other fatal hazards, the issue of lighting remains one of the greatest challenges. One needs to apply an innovative lighting solution that is affordable, powerful and durable. Portable and Mobile lighting towers have come to rescue such requirements since several years.

Let us look at the marvels these mobile and portable lighting towers help us achieve.

Reliable lighting solution

Even the slightest fluctuation in power can cause an accident that can be destructive to the company and potentially cause irreplaceable fatal damage. Portable or mobile lighting towers are far more reliable than grid power, especially in Indian conditions. Since they run from robustly built diesel generators, they provide continuous lighting till the generator is up and running.

Since reliability is a main requirement, make sure to invest in a reputed manufacturer that can provide hassle free service and reliable equipment.

Benefits-of-Mobile-Lighting-Towers-Perfect House PHPL

Prolonged work time

With demands for project completion increasing immensely by the day, the companies need to keep their projects on schedule. On what is already a tight schedule, working during the night time can help boost its productivity. It also allows for workers to work more quickly since there are hardly any disturbances during night time. A powerful light source is the only limitation to working 24/7 which portable and mobile lighting towers solve fervently. Invest in a high-power lighting tower to boost your productivity by 50%.


As the name suggests, mobile and portable lighting towers are extremely portable. At Perfect House, our mobile lighting towers come on two-wheel trolleys and a jack that make them incredibly easy to move around. You can move such lighting towers anywhere around your work site to have a more focused lighting around the entire area of your requirement.

Extremely durable

Mobile lighting towers at Perfect House are tested to multiple safety standards. They are made to last easily for more than 50000 hours. At the same time, they are temperature proof, water proof and fire proof. Any sort of harsh weather condition can not beat the functionality of these mobile lighting towers.

High Lighting Capability

The LED bulbs in a lighting tower offer immense luminescence that caters to the needs of a volatile work environment such as a construction site. They offer light up to five times more than conventional lighting settings. This is due to the fact that mobile lighting towers are designed with its purpose in mind.

These are the main benefits of having a mobile or portable lighting tower at your site. Not only do they provide a workable environment but also ensure the safety of workers. Also keep in mind that they cease the need for an additional generator on your site.

Make sure to invest in a tower that is robust and can handle the toughest of applications. Get in touch with Perfect House today. Visit

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How to Choose A Mobile Lighting Tower?

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Lighting is the main source of utility that is required to accomplish any task in the world. Without any light, we are as blind as kohl. For outdoor projects especially, one needs to have a reliable and foolproof piece of equipment that will help finish a project with ease. Improper lighting conditions will not only hinder the speed of the project but can also potentially cause fatal injuries to workers.

Purchasing or renting a mobile lighting tower including several other factors needs to be taken count of before venturing into a night project. For lighting towers, the process although a little trick can be carried out swiftly. There are a few requirements and measurements one needs to process before renting or purchasing a mobile lighting tower. These attributes will help you choose the perfect mobile lighting tower for your application without being too expensive.

How much light do I need?

To identify how much light you need, you need to first take an accurate measurement of your working site. Make sure to consider whether it is outdoors or indoors. Also, take note of how long you need your mobile lighting tower to operate continuously for.

For longer durations, you can choose LED lights as they are more economical. For minimal to average durations, you can choose regular metal halide bulbs.

For an area measuring from 3000 to 5000 sq. m, LED bulbs will consume around 1000-1400 w of power. On the other hand, metal halide bulbs will require more than 4000 w of power to light up the same area. Since most of your investment depends upon these factors, choose your light bulb wisely.

How-to-Choose-A-Mobile-Lighting-Tower- PerfectHouse

What is my power source?

If your location is close to an electrical power source and has an ample and reliable abundance of power, then you may choose an electric-only lighting tower. They are simple and can be used plug n play. You can have multiple units connected together with each lighting tower being able to cover an area around 3000 sq. m.

If you are located in a remote area with meager power outlets or an unreliable source of energy, your best option would be a diesel/petrol powered lighting tower. When it comes to portability, such towers are usually the most ideal option since you can move them throughout your site. There is no hassle of requiring direct grid power at every corner. Also, keep in mind that a single diesel lighting tower will be able to light a greater amount of area than an electrical tower.

Make the right investment

If your application requires long hours of usage, choose LED bulbs. If your application requires a small number of hours, choose metal halide bulbs. Imperceptibly, you will need to pay a higher upfront cost to rent/purchase an LED lighting tower as compared to a metal halide lighting tower.

Also, it is important to determine whether your requirement needs you to permanently own lighting vs renting one. If you are going to use a mobile lighting tower in a single construction project or similar, it is best to rent. If you require a mobile lighting tower for a good amount of time, then it is recommended to purchase one.

At Perfect House, we like to give you the most perfect lighting tower for your requirement so that your investment is well returned. We have a wide range of lighting towers especially for mining areas, construction sites, civil engineering works, Solar & Wind EPC Projects, road projects, defense requirements, and industrial operations. All our towers come with a built-in towing system and innovative adjustable fixtures.

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What Size Diesel Generator Do You Need?

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The only critical aspect before choosing a generator for your application is determining the right size for your establishment. It could either be that you need a generator to power some of your applications or your entire facility. To do either of that, you need a generator with a capacity to at least equal the peak consumption of all your applications running at full swing.

That sounds like one could go purchase the highest rated diesel generator so that it can take whatever is put at it.

NO! Unfortunately, that is something we can’t do.

It will not only damage some of the applications connected to the generator but also be incredibly expensive to purchase. Hence, determining exactly the size of the generator you need is the most crucial step before buying a diesel generator set. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to determine the right size.

Determine your power requirement

Start with making a clear list of what all you need powered during a power outage. It could either be a few devices or your entire house. The list must contain every single item from the bulbs, fans, and everything else you will connect to the generator. Then, calculate the starting and running wattage of all your appliances. These details will be clearly listed either on the appliances itself or their user manuals. You can also call up the customer service center of your appliance provider to note down the exact values.

Then, get back to your physics classroom by converting all the values into either kW (kilowatt) or kVA (kilo-volt-amperes). You need to do this since your diesel generator set will be rated according to kW or kVA.

If you cannot find wattage mentioned on your appliance, then calculate Wattage = Amperes X Volts. Sometimes, you need to include load factors since electrical appliances are not 100% efficient.

When you add up all the wattages, you get the maximum required wattage of your equipment. This will be in kW. If your generator set is rated in kVA, then you need to divide the generator power factor with kW.


kW/Power Factor = kVA

Power factor of diesel generator sets is usually 0.8 since electrical systems do not run in an ideal situation where kW=kVA.

Hence, for example, if your total wattage is 1000 kW, then 1000 kW/0.8 = 1250 kVA.

This means that the minimum power that your diesel generator needs to provide is 1250 kVA.

Contact your generator company

Now that you have determined what size you need to purchase; you need to discuss this with your generator provider. You need to enquire about the pricing and the physical space the generator will occupy. If possible, share your calculations with the generator company and re-affirm your requirements. Then, determine the running and maintenance cost of the generator you have in mind.

Sometimes, there are several innovative generators that are tailored to suit your equipment. Such generators are customized to the purpose and require potentially less maintenance than an average generator.

You can also have an electrician visit your site and determine the most ideal location for placing the generator.

Before you buy a diesel generator set, it is crucial to consider the perfect size that you require for your application. This will ensure the increased usability of the generator, provide consistent performance, decrease any risk of fire or malfunction. You can also save up huge bucks on the purchase, fuel, and maintenance costs of your diesel generator sets.

To get the perfect requirement for your applications, get in touch with us at You can also call us on 022-22677357 / 022-62611900.


Why should you choose a diesel-powered generator?

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Choosing a generator today requires proper thought and extensive knowledge of the different kinds of mechanisms and fuel systems involved in the generator market. There is constant uncertainty in the prices of fuel, a clear difference in the power output, and maintenance levels. Also, each of these generators is priced at a cost premium to your establishment.

In other words – a generator that is durable, reliable, and cost-effective must be equipped enough to be a robust alternative for your applications that may sometimes even be fatal. Since electricity is perhaps the most important resource of today’s life, it is pertinent that we have undisputed alternatives in our armory to tackle any potential power failure.

Diesel generators have so far wielded this title for a good amount of time. But are they worth the title? Let’s find out!

  • Out of several fuel sources such as propane, natural gas, petrol, and diesel; the least expensive option is diesel. It is considered to be the most effective power source.
  • The same amount of diesel will extract more energy than petrol or other sources.
  • Compared to petrol or other engines, diesel engines are built more ruggedly to withstand the high temperatures and compression rates.
  • Earlier, diesel engines were only meant for heavy equipment usage. Today, you can choose a customized diesel generator for all your applications. Consider portable and commercial generators.


These are definitely the most basic reasons why one should choose diesel generators over others. However, there are many other reasons why diesel generators are the best bang for your buck:


Unlike petrol and natural gas, diesel is a naturally less flammable type of fuel. Since diesel generator sets are usually set up at your residence/establishment, having highly volatile fuels like petrol or propane can be extremely dangerous. Diesel is ‘less’ flammable and can reduce the risk of fire hazard by a considerable percentage. Diesel also runs at a temperature lower than that of petrol generators.

Long-term solution

A generator set once installed needs to be able to provide constant power through thick and thin. This includes the harshest of storms, extreme wind, and even scorching sun. The quality and the mechanism of the diesel-powered generator ensures that they can test the veracity of time itself.

Cost-effective solution

In today’s world, ‘long time’ means money. The cost of ownership/maintenance of any utilitarian commodity needs a decent amount of investment over the years. With diesel being one of the cheapest fuel sources, diesel-based generators are the most cost-effective solution over the ‘long-term’. Diesel gensets also require minimal maintenance.


These are the main advantages of diesel-powered generators. Also, keep in mind that they have been the sole alternative to grid power offering an uninterrupted source of electricity for a range of unlimited electrical requirements.

However, there are some cons to using diesel power generators. Since high-quality equipment is used in the manufacturing of the engine, spare engine parts can be expensive. Also, compared to a petrol engine, one might need to pay a heftier upfront amount for purchasing diesel engines.

We hope that this clears out why one should choose a diesel generator. For more such information, visit


How long does a diesel generator last?

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We Indians are inherently obsessed with being overprotective. To our families alike, we are over-protective even to our things. From saving the plastic wrappers on our new television/refrigerator to finding ‘jugaads’ to fix random things around the house, we have each done it all. Old t-shirts becoming floor mops and bournvita bottles becoming spice containers is a story of every Indian household. It seems like we Indians want to protect and save things beyond the passage of time itself.

Well, if you were to ask us? – “What’s wrong with being overprotective with our things!”

Luckily for us, diesel generators also last a very long time, usually, without ‘jugaad’ of any sort.

A generator is a major component for your home, office, or business since it provides uninterrupted electricity to all your necessary applications which are sometimes, even life-saving. They offer perhaps the most reliable source of power in an extensively volatile environment that we reside in. To sustain yourself, your families, your businesses, and everything else, you need a robust diesel generator that can not only support you during an outage but also successfully endure the harsh test of time.

With some applications requiring diesel generators to run for almost 24/7, one can only beg the question – how long does a diesel generator actually last?


To be precise, the longevity of a diesel generator lies in several factors. Some of the factors range from:

  1. Quality of the diesel generator and brand value.
  2. Size of a diesel engine and power output.
  3. Environmental conditions.
  4. Installation method of the diesel generator set.

For example, if you need your diesel generator running for several days on a row, you will need to purchase one specifically made for that purpose because they are large and contain more efficient motors that are engineered specifically for that purpose.

Also, a diesel generator set requires regular and timely maintenance which includes proper oil exchanges, fuel tank cleanup, filter replacements, and other preventative maintenance. If your generator is too huge for your application, there is a potential risk of carbon buildup. If it is too small, you will be putting too much load on your generator set than what it has been tested for. This could prove dangerous and maybe even fatal.

One should also consider the fact that diesel generators are cooled by liquid and run at a mellow 1800 to 2000 rpm unlike generators of other fuels. As we consider all of these factors in likely standard climate conditions, the life-span of a high-quality diesel generator can be assumed from a minimum of 12,000 hours to more than 25,000 hours. With timely maintenance and high-quality diesel, that translates to more than 15 years of service. Remember, if your diesel generator needs to run every single day for seven days a week, this duration might be significantly lower.

At Perfect House Ltd., we provide you diesel generators that are tried and tested against the fate of time. We offer superlative quality, global brands, and 24-hour customer service. We are highly committed to quality production. You can be assured that our generators will last you more than a decade with ease. To get in touch, visit:


Which Diesel Generator Is Best?

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When it comes to a versatile, reliable, and undisputable player in the game of emergency power for all your requirements, diesel generators are the best. While they are the unsung heroes of all shows, there are multiple attributes to one and every other diesel generator that sets them apart from each other. These could be corresponding differences amongst each other’s built, performance values, size of the units, cost, etc. These are factors that determine what makes a ‘best’ diesel generator.

To understand more about a ‘best’ diesel generator, let’s first understand what makes a good diesel generator.


If you choose the right sized generator for your applications, it will save you from a lot of problems in the future. One important thing to ensure this is to have an option to choose from multiple-choice options.

At Perfect House, you get to choose a custom-sized diesel generator for all your needs. A wide range of array ranging from 1kVa to 2500 kVa of sizes means that you always pay for what you need and no more. In our opinion, that is the best diesel generator you can get. Also remember that you need to be able to choose a commercial, residential, or portable generator for your appropriate requirement.



Diesel generators contain multiple moving parts that sometimes move at more than 10,000 rpm. The movement includes the formation of heat, which can be around 1000°C. All of this combined with a storage tank of combustible fuel means that diesel generators are a major fire risk.

To ensure that there is no mishap, a generator must be made using high-quality materials that can withstand the complicated functioning of an engine. At Perfect, we are partnered with global conglomerates like Mitsubishi, Eicher Engines, Kubota Corp. Japan, Sawafuji Electric Company Ltd. to produce robust and top of the line generators that are tried and tested for efficacy all over the world.

A good quality diesel generator must have an efficient cooling system, robust fuel system, and a well-designed body to ensure that there are no running complications. This is a major check-point in your hunt for the best diesel generator.

Control and management system

What use is a diesel generator if you cannot use it properly?

One should be able to start the system, read warnings, running statistics, and other issues or problems in a simple manner. For this, a diesel generator system should come equipped with a well-designed control unit.

A control unit monitors the parameters of your engines to enable a proper response to the engine running, changes in speed, and other important requirements. In an unlikely event, the control unit should be able to cut off the fuel supply to prevent failure or catastrophic damage.

On top of this, the generators from Perfect House also come with ECUs that can provide operator feedback and information. You will have a user interface that can easily be understood, controlled, and serviced. They can also give you proper diagnostic data of running.

These are the major properties of choosing the ‘best’ diesel generator for your applications. Apart from these, also remember to choose the pricing diligently. There are some generators in the market with absolutely ridiculous price-value combinations.

For superlative quality, affordable prices, and 24/7 customer service, visit to choose a wide range of diesel generators.


How to maintain a diesel generator?

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Diesel generators are perhaps the undisputed players in back-up power generation. Prime or emergency power, a well-conditioned diesel generator can save you a lot of stress and worry.

Since the length of time diesel generators have been in the market, they have solved all the power worries that are commonly faced by households, business owners, or other applicants. Many people own not one but multiple generators to meet their power requirements. Today, all over the country, diesel generators provide reliable power sources to lakhs of businesses and households.

An unprecedented failure in their functioning only means that your only source of reliable power has been cut off. If you’re a business owner, you can incur huge losses. If the generator is installed at your hospital, a failure could be life-threatening. At your homes, it can cause a major amount of inconvenience.

Thankfully, there is a solution to keep your diesel generators up and running for a very long time. It includes thoroughly servicing your diesel generators on a regular basis. Apart from assuring you reliability, regular servicing also keeps your generator and appliances safe from any sort of hazard.

So, the question arises – How do you service and maintain your diesel generator?

First and foremost, one needs to understand the basic functioning of a diesel generator and what are the parts involved.

In simple words, a diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine, with an electric generator (alternator) that works in harmony to produce electrical energy. The engine consists of chambers that constantly compress, ignite, and move at rapid paces. Due to this characteristic, such moving parts require servicing on a regular basis.


A maintenance schedule will be provided to you when you rent/purchase your diesel generator. You can also hire experts to carry out the following maintenance areas for your diesel generator:

  • Cooling system – Potential air restriction along with hoses, connections, belts, fluid concentration.
  • Air intake system – Testing for leaks or loose connections.
  • Battery inspection and proper carbon cleaning of terminals.
  • Control panel reading and verifying the indications.
  • Monitoring your fuel system to ensure proper flow.
  • Pumping of fuel and levels.
  • Replacing fuel filters, oil filters, engine oil, coolant, or other fluids.
  • Exchanging worn out and old parts into newer ones.
  • Changing fan belts.
  • Checking for contaminants in your fuel, oil, and other liquids.
  • Noticing suspicious noises in the running of your engine.
  • Checking for rust and corrosion.
  • Checking for any other mechanical anomaly and structural integrity based on load, vibration, or other reasons.

These are the recommended maintenance methods that must be followed to keep your diesel generator running at its best. Apart from these, we recommend that you regularly run your generator even when it’s not in use to prevent the fuel and other liquids from stagnating or degrading.

Our generators at Perfect House are designed to withstand heavy load for long hours and require less maintenance due to their reliability, sturdiness, build quality and durability. They require maintenance once every year to ensure that they provide quality electricity for all your applications.

We hope that you understand how and why maintenance is done and having a well-maintained generator can ensure that you can get an uninterrupted power supply for all your needs.

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How does a diesel generator work? Perfect House

How Does A Diesel Generator Work?

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Diesel generators are graceful saviors when it comes to supplying electrical energy for your applications. Blackouts, brownouts, or permanent failures, diesel generators always come to the rescue. They can also run independently for a very long time.

They come in a wide variety ranging all the way from 1 kVA to 2500 kVA in both commercial and portable sizes. They exceptionally solve all your power needs efficiently and economically.

As you look for diesel generators for your power needs, you may have wondered how a diesel generator works. Before we start to explore how a diesel generator works, you should first understand what are its components.

What are the parts of a diesel generator?

Diesel Engine – The diesel engine in a generator burns diesel to create a rotatory motion that turns the AC alternator.

AC Alternator – As the diesel turns the alternator into a rotatory motion, the alternator helps turn this into electricity that meets the load put on the generator.

Base frame – The base frame usually has a built-in tank that is used to store diesel. It also bears the weight of the engine and other components.

Control panel – The control panel consists of a user interface that helps you start/stop, monitor the engine, and provide protection to the generator.

All of these components are usually encased in an outer flank or housing which would normally also contain the branding.


How does a diesel generator work?

The basic principle of a diesel generator is to convert the chemical energy from diesel into electrical energy. The parts mentioned above work together in rhythm to help achieve this process.

First, the chemical energy in diesel during combustion is converted into heat and force. As the combustion is spontaneously processed, it creates mechanical energy that helps in rotating the alternator.

This spontaneous combustion then creates high-pressure air chambers that help the pistons move in and out creating high pressures and heats.

As the pistons move, the air is drawn into engine cylinders creating a high-pressure chamber that when injected with fuel starts burning and help in keeping a constant movement. This process creates mechanical energy which the alternator easily turns into electrical energy. In a simple law of energy which states “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but be only converted from one form to another form”, mechanical energy created from combustion is transformed into electrical energy to meet all your power requirements.

While all of this might be especially difficult to understand, you would only require to press a button or two on a customized user interface provided in all our control panels. Our generators will then run smoothly and quietly to give you electricity.

Before purchasing your appropriate generator, send in an inquiry at and we will get back to you with the right kind of generator for your application.

Visit for more information.

Perfect House - Generator on rent

Why You Should Rent A Diesel Generator Instead of Buying?

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Are you confused about what to do regarding your power requirements? Sure! You can buy a generator.

But, should you?

Did you know that renting a generator can have many more benefits rather than buying a generator? Do you want to know how you can avail of these benefits? Read to find out!

First and foremost, the main factor for deciding to buy/rent a generator depends on your requirements. You must first need to understand whether you have a stand-by application or if you want to use your generator as a prime mover. Now that you’ve decided that, what is your next step? More often than not, there is no straight-forward answer. So, let’s now look at some advantages and disadvantages of renting vs buying a generator.

Renting is cost-effective

We don’t want to shell out huge bucks for just a generator. Hence, cost becomes one of the most important factors in choosing to buy/rent a diesel generator.

If your needs are short-term, then, renting a commercial diesel generator can be a great option since you can have affordable payment packages that include maintenance and running costs. However, on the other hand, if you require a generator for long-term usage, you can consider buying a generator and bear the charges of running and maintenance by yourself. Ideally speaking, renting a diesel generator for a long period of time will come pre-paid with maintenance and other costs. For a purchase, you might have to spend those extra bucks to get it maintained on a regular basis.

In a simple calculation, also keep in mind that you will have to spend a huge amount at once for buying a generator while you have to pay a fraction of that amount in a timely manner for renting one.

Why-You-Should-Rent-A-Diesel-Generator-Instead-of-Buy - Perfect House

Advantages of renting a generator

To purchase a generator, you will have to spend a huge amount of money. This will also include shipping, installation, demo, maintenance, and running. If you’re a business owner, it might be actually beneficial for you to spend the same capital on other necessary investments.

Renting will help you save loads of money because you only need to pay a fraction of the amount as compared to purchasing a diesel generator. Also, maintenance and shipping will be borne by the rental company.

Most importantly, a generator break-down can be fatal for the running of your business/establishment/home. If you’ve purchased a generator, a major breakdown can cost you loads of money while on the other hand, a rented generator will be repaired by the rental company.

Apart from these, there are additional points of information and practices that need to be taken place during installation/uninstallation, etc. For example, a rental company can choose the ideal place for installation after a field site review. This ensures proper functioning and helps prevent any potential breakdowns.


Based on your need, renting a generator can be much more cost-effective since it comes in a full package. It means that you can be worry-free while contemplating the decision to effectively power all your requirements. While purchasing a diesel generator can have benefits of its own, renting a generator can give you much-needed peace of mind.

With over 40 years of experience, we are dedicated experts to solve your energy requirements. Visit to get more details. You can drop in an e-mail at or call us on 022-22677357 / 022-62611900 to get in touch.

How Do Diesel Generator Rental Services Work? Perfect House

How Do Diesel Generator Rental Services Work?

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The demand for electricity is growing ever so sharply. The immense growth in industries has taken this need for power and electricity that one step higher. This growth has started to demand immense amounts of power requirements. Start-ups, companies, industries are all looking out for sustainable power sources that will not put a dent in their capital.Read More