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Benefits of Mobile Lighting Towers

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Lighting is the most important resource that ensures a smooth and successful operation. Construction sites, mining areas, road projects, industrial operations and many other works need to be fully functioning round the clock through bright day and pitch darkness. It helps both the company and its consumers swift application and quick delivery.

To ensure on-time work and promised outcome, many companies resort to several innovative methods of lighting to keep the work going 24/7. Since these sites are bound by accidents and other fatal hazards, the issue of lighting remains one of the greatest challenges. One needs to apply an innovative lighting solution that is affordable, powerful and durable. Portable and Mobile lighting towers have come to rescue such requirements since several years.

Let us look at the marvels these mobile and portable lighting towers help us achieve.

Reliable lighting solution

Even the slightest fluctuation in power can cause an accident that can be destructive to the company and potentially cause irreplaceable fatal damage. Portable or mobile lighting towers are far more reliable than grid power, especially in Indian conditions. Since they run from robustly built diesel generators, they provide continuous lighting till the generator is up and running.

Since reliability is a main requirement, make sure to invest in a reputed manufacturer that can provide hassle free service and reliable equipment.

Benefits-of-Mobile-Lighting-Towers-Perfect House PHPL

Prolonged work time

With demands for project completion increasing immensely by the day, the companies need to keep their projects on schedule. On what is already a tight schedule, working during the night time can help boost its productivity. It also allows for workers to work more quickly since there are hardly any disturbances during night time. A powerful light source is the only limitation to working 24/7 which portable and mobile lighting towers solve fervently. Invest in a high-power lighting tower to boost your productivity by 50%.


As the name suggests, mobile and portable lighting towers are extremely portable. At Perfect House, our mobile lighting towers come on two-wheel trolleys and a jack that make them incredibly easy to move around. You can move such lighting towers anywhere around your work site to have a more focused lighting around the entire area of your requirement.

Extremely durable

Mobile lighting towers at Perfect House are tested to multiple safety standards. They are made to last easily for more than 50000 hours. At the same time, they are temperature proof, water proof and fire proof. Any sort of harsh weather condition can not beat the functionality of these mobile lighting towers.

High Lighting Capability

The LED bulbs in a lighting tower offer immense luminescence that caters to the needs of a volatile work environment such as a construction site. They offer light up to five times more than conventional lighting settings. This is due to the fact that mobile lighting towers are designed with its purpose in mind.

These are the main benefits of having a mobile or portable lighting tower at your site. Not only do they provide a workable environment but also ensure the safety of workers. Also keep in mind that they cease the need for an additional generator on your site.

Make sure to invest in a tower that is robust and can handle the toughest of applications. Get in touch with Perfect House today. Visit

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How to Choose A Mobile Lighting Tower?

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Lighting is the main source of utility that is required to accomplish any task in the world. Without any light, we are as blind as kohl. For outdoor projects especially, one needs to have a reliable and foolproof piece of equipment that will help finish a project with ease. Improper lighting conditions will not only hinder the speed of the project but can also potentially cause fatal injuries to workers.

Purchasing or renting a mobile lighting tower including several other factors needs to be taken count of before venturing into a night project. For lighting towers, the process although a little trick can be carried out swiftly. There are a few requirements and measurements one needs to process before renting or purchasing a mobile lighting tower. These attributes will help you choose the perfect mobile lighting tower for your application without being too expensive.

How much light do I need?

To identify how much light you need, you need to first take an accurate measurement of your working site. Make sure to consider whether it is outdoors or indoors. Also, take note of how long you need your mobile lighting tower to operate continuously for.

For longer durations, you can choose LED lights as they are more economical. For minimal to average durations, you can choose regular metal halide bulbs.

For an area measuring from 3000 to 5000 sq. m, LED bulbs will consume around 1000-1400 w of power. On the other hand, metal halide bulbs will require more than 4000 w of power to light up the same area. Since most of your investment depends upon these factors, choose your light bulb wisely.

How-to-Choose-A-Mobile-Lighting-Tower- PerfectHouse

What is my power source?

If your location is close to an electrical power source and has an ample and reliable abundance of power, then you may choose an electric-only lighting tower. They are simple and can be used plug n play. You can have multiple units connected together with each lighting tower being able to cover an area around 3000 sq. m.

If you are located in a remote area with meager power outlets or an unreliable source of energy, your best option would be a diesel/petrol powered lighting tower. When it comes to portability, such towers are usually the most ideal option since you can move them throughout your site. There is no hassle of requiring direct grid power at every corner. Also, keep in mind that a single diesel lighting tower will be able to light a greater amount of area than an electrical tower.

Make the right investment

If your application requires long hours of usage, choose LED bulbs. If your application requires a small number of hours, choose metal halide bulbs. Imperceptibly, you will need to pay a higher upfront cost to rent/purchase an LED lighting tower as compared to a metal halide lighting tower.

Also, it is important to determine whether your requirement needs you to permanently own lighting vs renting one. If you are going to use a mobile lighting tower in a single construction project or similar, it is best to rent. If you require a mobile lighting tower for a good amount of time, then it is recommended to purchase one.

At Perfect House, we like to give you the most perfect lighting tower for your requirement so that your investment is well returned. We have a wide range of lighting towers especially for mining areas, construction sites, civil engineering works, Solar & Wind EPC Projects, road projects, defense requirements, and industrial operations. All our towers come with a built-in towing system and innovative adjustable fixtures.

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What Size Diesel Generator Do You Need?

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The only critical aspect before choosing a generator for your application is determining the right size for your establishment. It could either be that you need a generator to power some of your applications or your entire facility. To do either of that, you need a generator with a capacity to at least equal the peak consumption of all your applications running at full swing.

That sounds like one could go purchase the highest rated diesel generator so that it can take whatever is put at it.

NO! Unfortunately, that is something we can’t do.

It will not only damage some of the applications connected to the generator but also be incredibly expensive to purchase. Hence, determining exactly the size of the generator you need is the most crucial step before buying a diesel generator set. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to determine the right size.

Determine your power requirement

Start with making a clear list of what all you need powered during a power outage. It could either be a few devices or your entire house. The list must contain every single item from the bulbs, fans, and everything else you will connect to the generator. Then, calculate the starting and running wattage of all your appliances. These details will be clearly listed either on the appliances itself or their user manuals. You can also call up the customer service center of your appliance provider to note down the exact values.

Then, get back to your physics classroom by converting all the values into either kW (kilowatt) or kVA (kilo-volt-amperes). You need to do this since your diesel generator set will be rated according to kW or kVA.

If you cannot find wattage mentioned on your appliance, then calculate Wattage = Amperes X Volts. Sometimes, you need to include load factors since electrical appliances are not 100% efficient.

When you add up all the wattages, you get the maximum required wattage of your equipment. This will be in kW. If your generator set is rated in kVA, then you need to divide the generator power factor with kW.


kW/Power Factor = kVA

Power factor of diesel generator sets is usually 0.8 since electrical systems do not run in an ideal situation where kW=kVA.

Hence, for example, if your total wattage is 1000 kW, then 1000 kW/0.8 = 1250 kVA.

This means that the minimum power that your diesel generator needs to provide is 1250 kVA.

Contact your generator company

Now that you have determined what size you need to purchase; you need to discuss this with your generator provider. You need to enquire about the pricing and the physical space the generator will occupy. If possible, share your calculations with the generator company and re-affirm your requirements. Then, determine the running and maintenance cost of the generator you have in mind.

Sometimes, there are several innovative generators that are tailored to suit your equipment. Such generators are customized to the purpose and require potentially less maintenance than an average generator.

You can also have an electrician visit your site and determine the most ideal location for placing the generator.

Before you buy a diesel generator set, it is crucial to consider the perfect size that you require for your application. This will ensure the increased usability of the generator, provide consistent performance, decrease any risk of fire or malfunction. You can also save up huge bucks on the purchase, fuel, and maintenance costs of your diesel generator sets.

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